Calming Fears - Working Without a Vaccine

Why are frontline workers at major companies staging a mass walkout today? These employees feel their employer is not doing enough to protect them from COVID-19. There is clearly a disconnect between these companies actions and employees experience. Until there is a vaccine, employers will need to change their human capital playbook dramatically to calm fears of employees and prevent closure of locations due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

So how do you keep your employees healthy, calm, and working without knowing the track this pandemic with take? Prioritizing the safety and well being of your employees and customers is critical.

Form a Task Force – It is important to dedicate resources to address the challenges presented by COVID-19. Not only should members of your task force be representative of key areas of your business, but the members should have the leadership capabilities to:

  • Analyze and interpret factual information quickly.

  • Collaborate and make decisions that are the best for the financial stability of the organization and the safety and well being of employees and customers.

  • And the confidence, authenticity, and honesty to communicate the plan acknowledging the risks associated with the unknowns.

A Clear and Defined Safety Plan – Employees and customers need to know that you are putting their health and well being ahead of profits. Do everything you can to over-communicate all the actions you are taking to keep everyone safe. Next, set the example. A communicated safety plan is worthless if the protocols you establish are not being followed by all.

Stay Connected with Employees and Customers – Schedule regular updates to discuss how your company is addressing COVID-19 topics. Provide a contact center for employees to seek answers quickly or report concerns on topics related to COVID-19. Communicate your follow-up actions to address concerns.

Develop Contingency Plans for a Location Outbreak – Employees will be reassured if they understand that you have a plan to respond to a COVID-19 outbreak. Sharing your transmission reduction plan, deep cleaning cadence, contact tracing reporting process, and decisions for facility closures and reopening in the case of an outbreak will support that you are doing all you can to maintain healthy business operations.

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Author: Tracy Aparo, Principal Partner,

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