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Business Strong Alliance is a partnership of specialists coming together to support businesses during times of uncertainty.  As our way of giving back, we are providing a network of supply chain and retail resources on a complimentary basis.  In the hope that we can be of assistance in working together through difficult times, we would like to share our knowledge and industry best practices.


Our experience and expertise includes:


  • Supply Chain Leadership in Strategic Planning – Strengthening  Supply Chain to meet changing Demands

  • Business Resiliency Planning and Execution – Sustaining your Business under all conditions

  • Operations – Supply Chain, eCommerce, Retail, Call Centers, Logistics, Fulfillment Centers

  • Human Resources – Keeping employees healthy, working, calm and connected

  • Occupational Health & Safety – Establishing and Maintaining a Safe and Healthy work environment

  • Information Technology – Firming up Telework and Security Infrastructures, assisting with Cloud Services, Logistics Technology Integration and Support for Disparate Systems

  • Workforce Management and Communications – On-Demand Workforce & Chatbot Communication Services

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