Supply Chain Leadership in Strategic Planning

Reopening and Rebounding from COVID-19

Recovery from Outbreak – What’s on our mind:​

  • Establishing a Re-opening Strategy (Timing, Staggered ramp-up plan, resources)

  • Creating a playbook for starting up operations following shutdown

  • Defining a PMO structure to manage re-start (either business or high priority projects)

  • Establishing Governance / Senior Management Roles

  • Defining 2020 metrics to track performance

  • Providing data analytics / modeling / simulation to identify opportunities

  • Addressing equipment preventive maintenance for bringing back capacity

  • Ramping-up customer care capabilities – Call Centers

  • Building/Rebuilding diminished capacity – short term 3PL – matchmaking

Moving to ‘new normal’ – What lies ahead:

  • ​Improve efficiencies in a strategic and targeted way

  • Plan for continued growth in eCommerce.  Expect a robust holiday and plan for increased capacity, network adjustments/parcel, systems upgrades, automation for next year

  • Re-assess current strategy for Call Centers – rapid remote agent capability

  • Establish integrated plan for brick & mortar and eCommerce – common SKUs, replenishing stores, liquidation/addressing distressed inventory, more profitable SKU mix, etc.

  • Continue to follow guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in a facilities

  • Assess impact to current contracts, vendors, suppliers, 3PL, leases, consolidations etc.

  • Evaluate Inventory management – storage of loaded trailers

  • Re-purpose demands