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Information Technology

Firming up Telework and Security Infrastructures, assisting with Cloud Services, providing Integration Expertise and Support for Disparate Systems

  • Leadership – Assessing key elements of Work From Home (WFH) strategy

    • Review current WFH productivity and establish goals to help measure performance

    • Firm up Infrastructure and Security to support remote access

  • Compliance Standards

    • Assess current request process

    • Establish a consistent equipment policy

    • Continue assessment of policy compliance

  • User Equipment – Ensure the right combination of equipment is allocated

  • Support integrations between current systems and services

  • Review IT Staffing Requirements - Engage Temporary IT Staffing to fill gaps in current skill sets due to furloughs or layoffs

  • Investigate/Evaluate new Systems and Services that will facilitate the continued WFH scenario

  • Continue to evaluate IT Staffing Requirements

  • Add learnings from initial pandemic response (build solutions for vulnerable areas)

  • Continue to Firm up Infrastructure and Security to support remote access 

  • Support integrations with new or revised systems and services

  • Review and assess implementation of any new technology that was deployed during initial pandemic response

  • Revise Policies and Procedures – Review the legitimacy of existing compliance controls

  • Equipment Maintenance – Ensure that any new technology is being maintained according to established standards

  • Help Desk – Review needs of user community and adjust services based on the ‘New Normal’

  • Consider moving from “On Premise” to Cloud Based Solutions to provide ubiquitous access

  • Review Strategy to Restart Systems and Services that were shutdown 

  • Apply Patches and Critical Security Updates to all Operating Systems.

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