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Occupational Health & Safety

Establishing and Maintaining a Safe and Healthy work environment

  • Leadership – communication, setting the example

  • Establish benchmarks to ensure that old work habits do not resurface.  

  • Create a playbook that includes best practices 

  • Create a mechanism to review and address work processes that encounter issues either with the new standards or with productivity.  What is the blocker and how can we problem solve?

  • Compliance – reacting quickly to changing regulations

  • Tele-Health Services Support for both onsite issues and worker’s compensation

  • Relationship with clinics to understand processes for being seen.  Consider Occupational Health clinics vs Urgent care if possible, for work related injuries

  • Redesigning first aid and emergency response plans 

  • Update Safety Management Policies and processes when the current policy no longer fits. 

  • Virtual Training capacity for initial and annual safety training and ad hoc training.

  • Employee assistance –Stress and Anxiety for employees or family members, Finance, Grief counseling, mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, etc.

  • Ramp up EAP services to ensure coverage for all employees consider adding resources and providing contact information to managers, supervisors

  • Wellness programs

    • Reinstitute or establish flu vaccine program for Influenza.

    • Consider potential for Pneumonia vaccine coverage.

  • Plan for inspections (public health, OSHA, etc.)   Be prepared to discuss all the policies actively in place.

  • Establish a safe and healthy working environment, guidelines, policies, and communication plan

  • Plan for coverage of key personnel in the event of illness or absence.

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