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End to End Supply Chain -  Procurement, Call Centers, Planning, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Logistics,

Distribution, CPG, 3PL

  • What should I do with the inventory that is aged or out of season?

  • Will outside service providers be overloaded by surge demands?

  • How do I re-prioritize, reschedule and staff all the critical projects?

  • How do you measure if your methods are working?  

  • How do you redesign the operation to be safer, and more productive?  

  • How do I maintain throughput with fewer people / less
    physical capacity?

  • Keeping an eye on regulations?

  • How do I clear-up the eCommerce back-log; when will I have a credible Sales Forecast?

  • When is the right time to address Peak planning? Has inventory mix changed?

  • What are the limitations with inbound and outbound goods? Current supplier limitations?

  • What adjustments do I need to make going forward based on these changes?

  • What impacts to raw material do I need to be aware of?  Do I have a multiple supplier back up plan?

  • What happens if there is another COVID break-out?  How do I handle that situation?

  • What is a sustainable ramp-up plan?

  • Retail? eCommerce? 3PL?

  • Manufacturing

  • Suppliers

  • Number of units / outbound cartons / parcel

  • Management and Associates returning

  • Will there be a surge in reverse logistics?

  • Is my 3PL ready to ramp-up?

  • What is my preventive maintenance plan on key equipment / automation

  • How do I reestablish focus on associates, safety, and on restoring our facility’s “rhythm”?

  • What is my communication plan to my employees?  Continue communicating value and appreciation to frontline employees & leadership 

  • Restarting necessary programs/projects based on medium term needs

  • Reevaluate automation / robotics / co-bots, etc.

  • Procurement risk assessment – review all critical suppliers of direct materials, indirect materials and services… who might not be able to meet demand; who might fail completely; what are my sourcing alternatives?

  • Retooling for channel shifts – from brick & mortar to eCommerce… from food service to grocery, from commercial to residential… sizing up the demand shift near-term and long-term, and realigning your supply chain

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