Business Resiliency Planning and Execution

Sustaining Your Business without a Vaccine

Recovery from Outbreak – What is on our mind:

  • Review the existing resiliency plan? Does it meet your needs?

  • Determine/Review Essential Personnel and capacities to support them, telework, etc.

  • As you reopen, do all key personnel have copies of your business continuity plan and know the role each plays?

  • Does the plan contain home or personal contact information?

  • Does your plan include how to handle COVID-19 location outbreaks?

  • Does your plan cover any new processes that were created in response to COVID? For example, mask production, hand sanitizer production, etc.

  • Document learnings and areas where your current plan was insufficient, and update as needed.

  • Document current actions being taken to respond to COVID-19 to add to strengthen your plan in the future

  • Expand procurement sources to deeper than usual. (Domestic, International, Local solutions)

  • Ensure databases are accessible on various platforms

  • Does your plan establish a means for virus contact tracing, replacement of key personnel that are redeployed or fall ill, and a strong communication plan with all layers of the workforce – active, teleworking, furloughed, laid off

  • Communicate any updates or additions to all key personnel.

Moving to ‘new normal’ – What lies ahead:


  • Build a strong pandemic playbook that is easy to navigate at any time

  • Add in learnings from initial pandemic response (build solutions for vulnerable areas)

  • Perform pandemic tabletop exercises to continue to strengthen your plan

  • Secure contracts for future product (PPE) needs during pandemics

  • Research if there is a need for pandemic insurance

  • Do you have stockpile of supplies on-hand to manage through future pandemics?